Invitation to the first Hackathon of Glarus with our partner space Digital Glarus: 01.-03.12.2017

The first Hackathon of Glarus

Hack4Glarus is the first hackathon of Glarus. It is your chance to meet & hack with geniuses of Switzerland. It is all about technology and fun.

What will be the Hack topics?

Anything that is related to Glarus, that can improve lives of people. Here are some fun hack examples. Of course the examples are not limited to the list below, you can come up with your own project!

- tracking cows & sheep - automate farming - Make payments easier for people - Introduce IoT / LoRaWAN - Automate stuff - how to keep servers fresh - temperature monitoring - Monitor servers - measure water usage - measure electricity - Measure traffic and put online - Drones.

How can I participate?

Click here and tell us about your hacking idea!


Date: 01.-03.12.2017
Adress: Hack4Glarus, Data Center Light, Bahnhofstrasse 1, Linthal