A VillageOffice revives your municipality

VillageOffice cooperative is committed to help people lead their life without stressful commutes by creating safe work environments right where people live: In urban areas, villages or districts. Due to the vast progress of the digitalization process, many professions do not require physical presence anymore - laptop and internet connection are the minimum requirement for doing the job. A VillageOffice offers a shared work desk to employees and freelancers right there, where people live. This limits a commute to work to a minimum and keeps inhabitants within their social environment. A win-win situation for both: the village and the inhabitants. VillageOffice helps you to improve the quality of life in your community!

Your advantages

A VillageOffice

  • increases the attractiveness of your commune and gives inspiration to local businesses
  • gives opportunity for an easier reconciliation of work, family and private life 
  • creates room for startups, freelancers and young entrepreneurs
  • increases a sense of belonging to the local community and revives the village
  • stimulates the local added value an blends into the existing offer
  • saves CO2 and takes load off the transportation networks
  • revives empty properties and allows the reconstruction of former factory premises

What we offer

  • The Municipality Check (only available in German) will give an insight about the readiness of your community.
  • Our experts will give competent advice on how to make a VillageOffice a success for your community.
  • We will accompany your project from concept to advise regarding towards political support to finally the realization of the project.
  • We will combine integrate your project within the VillageOffice community and create added value to your project. 

Current projects

  • Lichtensteig: Accompany the project for the municipality of Lichtensteig >>more information (only available in German)
  • Tessinerplatz, Zurich: Community building for a future VillageOffice at the Tessinerplatz; Project together with SwissLife>>more information (only available in German)
  • Canton Thurgau: Feasibility study with regional focus groups and municipalities

Municipality Check

Check the ability for a VillageOffice in your own municipality by filling the municipality check! (only available in German)

Please contact us for additional information.

Vincent Chapuis
Regional partner French-speaking Switzerland