VillageOffice for your Company

There are many good reasons to get behind flexible workplaces. We offer four ways to enjoy these benefits with VillageOffice: The annual Coworking Experience program, our company subscription packages, our individual subscription packages and our service package for founding new coworking spaces. Which one is right for you? We would be glad to advise you.

Work 4.0: Gain Experience with the Year-Long Coworking Experience Program

Do digitalization, agile work formats and mobile, flexible workplaces influence your business field? Do you want to be on the cutting edge? Do you want to be able to quickly and flexibly take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves? Do you want to get a leg up in the fight for new talent by offering modern working conditions? We want to help you bring your team into the world of Work 4.0. Join us on the year-long Coworking Experience journey, during which experts will help you discover how mobile, flexible workplaces can influence your corporate culture.

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Our Subscriptions for Companies: Flexible and Economical

Corporate office space gets expensive: Furniture, Internet, office real estate, cafeteria and conference rooms, office supplies, cleaning costs and coffee cost an average of CHF 700.00 per employee per month. In the medium term, real estate leases are fixed even if the company grows or shrinks. This hinders growth and strains the budget.
The solution: the VillageOffice subscription. In the space of a week, you can gain access to new, professional workspaces throughout all of Switzerland. Workspaces start at CHF 395 and can be cancelled by the month, making them just as flexible as your business environment.

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Individual Subscription: Client Proximity at a Fair Price

Do you work in sales? Do you often travel in Switzerland? Do you dislike preparing for client meetings in a café? Would you like to have a printer, a workspace and even a conference room near your client? With a VillageOffice subscription, you have the flexibility to move your business to be close to your client. Our VillageOffices offer you professional workspaces where you need them. All this for a fixed monthly fee.

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Open your Office with Us!

Are you a property developer, real estate owner, interior designer or architect planning a coworking space? Or do you own an office that you would like to open for other users? We would be glad to offer you our expertise, contacts and networks to help you create the workspace of the future. Allow VillageOffice to make your idea a reality! We will support you with feasibility studies, project monitoring and community development assistance to ensure your project’s success. Become a partner of the VillageOffice Cooperative!

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