Work where you live

The VillageOffice Cooperative addresses the problem that derives from commuting. How would it be to work where you live? VillageOffice establishes a network of Coworking Spaces: commonly used work spaces in rural areas: villages, towns and in suburbs.

Thanks to the technologies available today, it is no longer necessary to commute all the time. As a society, we need to reduce CO2 emissions, strengthen local communities, and make them inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

The VillageOffice cooperative is bringing back work closer to where people live. By 2030, it will be a fine grained network of local coworking spaces, which can be reached within 15 minutes by public transportation or by bike.

We are building an ecosystem to facilitate this change faster, in partnership with Swiss pioneers of the field.

We are fostering the emergence of new communities and spaces. VillageOffice also builds a complete IT platform to support this ecosystem.

A key element of VillageOffice is the collaboration between people. This is why a VillageOffice is different from Home Office. It is a strong, local, community that allows to build trust and start real, fruitful collaborations, between people from different organizations and backgrounds.