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Coworking is revolutionizing the workplace: Local community offices offer the best alternative to home and corporate offices.

Interested? Let us open doors for you, advise and support you: Whether you are looking for a coworking project in your community or a customized arrangement for your company, we have what you need.

Does coworking make as much sense to you as to us? Join our network! We would be happy to welcome you as a partner, as a cooperative member or on our professional staff.

Flexible Workplaces in all of Switzerland

Be part of the change sweeping the workplace! VillageOffice offers you access to coworking opportunities throughout Switzerland. Do you want to test flexible work formats, book a short-term workspace or convert your office into a coworking space? We would be glad to advise you.

Our Offer for Businesses

Join us in Changing the Workplace!

Are you a real estate professional, property developer, interior designer, real estate owner or coworking space operator? Join our network! Or do you find coworking as exciting and meaningful as we do?
We would be happy for your support!

Our Partnership Offer

These companies are daring to explore new workplaces with us - we appreciate the trust!

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We are building an ecosystem to facilitate this change faster, in partnership with Swiss pioneers of the field.

We are fostering the emergence of new communities and spaces. VillageOffice also builds a complete IT platform to support this ecosystem.

A key element of VillageOffice is the collaboration between people. This is why a VillageOffice is different from Home Office. It is a strong, local, community that allows to build trust and start real, fruitful collaborations, between people from different organizations and backgrounds.