Coworking Experience

The Coworking Experience is a year-long program that offers your company a guided introduction to coworking in a unique environment. Participating employees can freely choose where to work for one year: in a coworking space, in a home office or at a company office. Two program streams are available.


The standard program can be booked for any number of participants, including individuals. The employees will take part in a kick-off event in a coworking space near to them and answer digital surveys during the program. At the end of the program, you will receive a report comparing the data of your employees to that of all other participants.


The premium program can be booked for as few as five participants. The participants will receive scientific monitoring, with a control group consisting of an equal number of colleagues who were not offered the choice of workplace. The project will begin with a group kick-off workshop around the topic of work and society. In 2017 our first customers (Raiffeisen Switzerland, HHM and the Federal Office of Information Technology, amogst others) were accompanied by David Brühlmeier, Remo Rusca and Barbara Josef. Other customers are TetraPak and Repower. In 2018 we will continue with these premium customers and new enterprises will start their journey with us.

The study will be conducted jointly by two institutes of the St. Gallen University: the Institute of Information Management (IWI-HSG) and the research institute for labor and work environments (FAA-HSG). For new customers, the dates for the accompanied study are the following: Starting point is February 2018 with a baseline measurement, and two additional measurements will take place in August 2018 and January 2019 respectively. In October/November 2018, personal meetings with individual participants will be conducted. At the end of the program, you will receive an individual report based on the collected information and employees’ mobility data.*

VillageOffice will be responsible for the story telling. During the course of the entire program, short film sequences relating the participants’ stories will be produced. Premium program participants can incorporate their own messages and achieve a stronger effect both internally and externally, highlighting their pioneering spirit.

Evaluation Report - Part 1: Conduct in the Workplace

The study will focus on six topics that are statistically quantifiable by five control variables:

Evaluation Report - Part 2: Mobility Behaviour

Both programs will be complemented by an evaluation of mobility behaviour.* An app will automatically record mobility data during the course of the program. Data protection is guaranteed by the independent evaluation through Büro für Mobilität, a mobility management company.

  • Organizational solidarity
  • Trust toward the organization 
  • Trust toward the team
  • Proactive behaviour (forward-looking, flexible and initiative-seizing behaviour at work)
  • Work engagement (a positive physical, cognitive and emotional state of mind at work; the opposite of burnout)
  • Individual productivity
  • Trustfulness (fundamental willingness to trust people) 
  • Autonomy (freedom to make decisions)
  • Task interdependence (extent of dependence on other team members)
  • Personality characteristics (openness, sense of duty, interpersonal skills, extroversion and emotional stability)
  • Psychological capital (focus on resilience and self-efficacy)

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